You're outside trying to enjoy your walk, but you can’t.  You are constantly being pulled and now your arm hurts.  Worse yet, your dog is gasping for air and looks like he is on a suicide mission to choke himself.  How do you get your dog to stop pulling?  How do you BOTH enjoy the walk?

A dog walks “nicely” on a leash is a dog who is happy and well cared for.  You no longer worry about him breaking free from your grasp (I bet you also don’t hold the lead correctly?), even if you bundled it up around your hands!  After years of training others in basic training as well as competitive completion, I have broken down my tips to three different suggestions.  Not all dogs, or all owners, are the same.  So try all three and see which works best for you.

Resistance Is Futile

If you ask any trainer out there, they will tell you that you are part of the problem.  You need to be consistent in any training method, and more so